General, Preventative, & Restorative Services

Thorough and Comprehensive Dental Check-up Exams
At Five Star Dentists, every check up exam is thorough and comprehensive. All of your teeth will be examined and all of your oral soft tissues will also be examined for signs of abnormality and pathology (e.g. oral cancer screening). Also, beside looking at the detail of every single tooth, our dentists are trained to look at your smile as a whole at a more comprehensive level.

Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and cutting edge equipment to enhance your experience. All of our dental X-rays are digital which save you and the doctor time and reduce radiation exposure up to 90% as compared to regular film base X-rays.

Preventative & Hygiene
Our professional dental hygienists provide superb hygiene services for your regular 6 month check-ups. They take time to make sure that your teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned and provide oral hygiene instructions to ensure that your teeth will be properly maintained at home before your next check up.

Restorative Services
To restore your teeth that has been damaged by cavities, illness, injuries, etc. or to replace old/damaged restoration fillings or crowns due to wear and tear, we offer tooth color fillings, inlays/onlays, beautiful ceramic crowns, and cosmetic veneers.