Children Dentistry

Five Star Dentists cater our services not only for the adult patients but also for children. We love working on children.

We see children as young as 6 months old or as soon as the child has the first teeth erupted in their mouth. It is very important to get involved and care for your child's teeth at the early age because with the right dental IQ and care, your child teeth will always be in great shape and he/she will enjoy a very healthy life.

Kids Friendly Environment / Toy Chest Rewards
Our facilities are built with a kid friendly environment in mind with beautiful children play area, TV in each patient chair for them to enjoy their favorite cartoon show, and a toy gift on their way out for making their dental appointment.

FREE dental iPAD apps/games - TOOTH IQ JUNIOR!
We took pride in not only providing the essential dental care for your child's teeth but also educating the parents and the child more about how brush and floss properly. As a special bonus for all of our little patients, as well as for the parents and for the whole family, Five Star Dentists went the extra miles and partner with iTooth Apps, Inc. to provide selected educational and fun iPAD apps for each and every patient who has an iPAD. Tooth IQ Junior is a must have iPAD app packed with fun features and valuable dental and teeth related educational info. This app is available on the Apple App Store. Become a patient and get a FREE download code at your next appointment.

Space Maintainers & Phase I Interceptive Braces
During check-up exam, each young patient in our office will be screened for early signs of teeth mis-alignment (e.g. dental cross bite), premature loss of baby canine teeth, or baby molar teeth due to cavities or injuries. It is extremely important to catch these conditions early and treat them right away as the child's dentition is continue to grow. Otherwise, severe crowding can occur as the child goes through the growth spurt and significant investment in treatment time and money can result to correct / straighten out the teeth in their adult age. Sometimes, even surgeries may be needed.

Our office provide a full range of space maintainer services (lingual holding arch, band and loops, distal shoes, etc.) to reserve the spaces resulted from premature loss of baby teeth. This will ensure that there is space for the adult teeth to grow into and avoid crowding issues.

Sedation Available
Does your child fear of going to the dentist? We offer Oral Conscious Sedation and Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) to help you or your child relax and overcome the fear/anxiety so that you can keep your child's oral health in checked. Learn more about our Sedation Dentistry services.

Referral to a Pedodontist Specialist
Our office work as a team with other Pedodontists in the area who received special training to work with special need children and young patients with extreme dental phobia. Upon assessment, if needed, we will refer your child to the pedodontist so that your child will be provided with the best care possible for his/her dental needs.